TSM - Specialists in Marine
and Special Risks Insurance



TSM is the only independent Swiss company specialising in marine insurance.

With almost a century of experience, we have accumulated a wealth of highly specialised knowledge and expertise geared to providing optimum protection for goods and possessions on the move.

TSM understands the needs of global markets and the growing demands of international trade. In all areas of marine insurance, we offer advice and personalised insurance, requiring specialised competencies, to a clientele seeking tailored solutions.

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Special Risks

  • Damage resulting from illegal acts such as embezzlement, computer fraud, theft of trade or manufacturing secrets, etc.
  • Direct and indirect costs of the sudden unavailability of a key executive (accident, illness, death), etc.
  • Financial losses stemming from product adulteration due to criminal activity.
  • Losses suffered as a result of withdrawing a defective product from the market.
  • Financial guarantees, other than bank credits.
TSM Plus, a new line of services, based on the same principles of partnership and confidentiality that have earned TSM its reputation in the field of specialised insurance. As an independent Swiss company, specialised in marine insurance for almost a century, TSM is unique in its field:
  • personalised assessment of risk and confidentiality
  • flexible approach, combining specific expertise and professionalism with a personal service
  • very broad range of cover for particular cases and needs, without standardised contracts
  • close relationship between insurer and customer; direct contacts and discussions between risk managers.
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For where to find us, visit our contacts